Aduro wood burning stoves: We make it easy to do it right!

With a wood burning stove from Aduro, it is easier for you to fire correctly. Our wood stoves are designed with sustainability and user friendliness in mind, and we constantly develop new products and systems that should help you get a good experience with your stove. With elegant Scandinavian design and more than 25 models that suits your home, we have made it easier for you to choose a wood burning stove. More than 300.000 stove owners throughout Europe have already chosen Aduro to warm their homes. Will you be the next?

Aduro stoves give you
When buying a wood burning stove from Aduro, you do not only get a beautiful wood burning stove. Your Aduro stove comes with simple control, environmentally friendly combustion and lots of other advantages such as:

Stylish Danish design and technology
Up to 5 years warranty and direct access to original spare parts at aduroshop.com
Less fuel consumption with Aduro-tronic automation
Intelligent firing with Aduro Smart Response
High value for money due to efficient production and distribution
The Nordic Ecolabel

  • Aduro 9 brun cut
  • Aduro 9-5
  • Aduro 12 wood rack cut
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